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Reducing GHG Emissions

We believe in a climate-balanced world that includes the pursuit of rigorous science-based reductions that push policies and industry demand for technological solutions to decarbonize the economy. We are in the process of developing and validating science-based targets as part of our 2-year goals, which will include near term reductions for Scopes 1-3.  

Guayakí has continued to evolve its GHG strategy and keep pace with leading industry standards for achieving net zero GHG emissions. Building upon previous carbon footprint studies with SCS Global and Soil and More—which both found Guayakí to be GHG neutral due to credits from the growing of agroforestry yerba mate— Guayakí has committed to align its methodologies with new standards for regenerative agriculture and agroforestry. We intend to achieve this by commissioning a study to calculate net carbon removal from growing yerba mate in an agroforestry system with tree planting and natural forest regeneration.

Guayakí has also continued to work with our industry partners to address our commitments. Two years ago we pledged to be Net Zero by 2030 along with hundreds of other B Corps and businesses. At the time, we anticipated our pathway to net zero would include a combination of reduction interventions, including verified carbon offsets. More recently the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), a leader in corporate climate accountability, released their new standard for Net Zero which requires a minimum of 90% absolute GHG reductions without the use of carbon offsets. Given the urgency of the climate crisis, Guayakí intends to follow SBTi standards to guide our approach to GHG reductions. However, we will also continue to work with our community of fellow B Corps to ensure we achieve the robust climate action that we all seek.