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Land Preservation & Biodiversity
rainforest land preservation
Guayakí is on a path to obtain worldwide recognition for shaded yerba mate systems within the Araucaria Forest, a critical step toward ensuring broad based ecological biodiversity and land preservation in the region. Guayakí’s South American team regularly engages in conversations and forums with government agencies and producers, supporting the case for shaded yerba mate as a pathway for the protection and regeneration of Atlantic Forest remnants and strengthening of local communities in the region.

In 2021, Guayakí Paraguay was awarded the Green Recognition Award for Good Business Practices, organized by the World Wildlife Foundation and the United Nations Global Compact. The project itself focused on the “Production of Organic Shade Grown Yerba Mate” with the Aché Kue Tuvy community in the category of Protection of Biodiversity. Guayakí is proud of this local recognition for such impact work among our indigenous producing partners as this is key to ensuring we meet our goals of promoting land preservation and biodiversity in the region.