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Smallholder, Traditional, and Indigenous Communities

Smallholder, traditional, family, and Indigenous producers and their communities form the backbone of Guayakí’s yerba mate sourcing and play a critical role in our overall business. Guayakí recognizes the importance of sourcing from these traditional, family, Indigenous, and smallholding farms as means to support regenerative agricultural practices, but also to support local economic systems and empower producers to support their own community projects. We are proud that Guayakí helped incentivize regenerative agriculture for yerba mate production in Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil through direct, long-term relationships and partnerships with producers and harvesters. Establishing fair trade prices for green leaf mate covers production costs and provides an added premium compared to conventional market prices, supporting a more regenerative production system and business model. Guayakí intends to continue to build on this foundation and grow its presence in the region in the years to come.



Number of families in producer areas and Indigenous communities that benefit from yerba mate production including direct economic income and social projects.

Community Workshops

These workshop training sessions provided to producers throughout the year covered topics such as forest firefighting, sustainable harvesting, elder knowledge sharing, and regenerative planning.