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Agroecológica Iguazú
The Fundación Agroecológica Iguazú (FAI), is a non-profit organization formed in 2010 that receives support from Guayakí Yerba Mate.

With a vision to regenerate life for the health of the planet, FAI is on a mission to educate, investigate, connect, and implement agroecological and regenerative systems in the Misiones Province of Argentina through the production of organic, Fair Trade, shade grown yerba mate.

The FAI reserves are next to the biodiversity rich Iguazu National Parks in Argentina and Brazil. FAI applies agroecological practices and policies at both reserves that include soil health, biodiversity, shade grown yerba mate production, carbon sequestration, watershed protection, and education through nature-based learning experiences and workshops.

FAI hosts immersive workshops on rewilding, nature, leadership, and agroecology- all set in the heart of a native yerba mate ecosystem. Local, regional, and global participants are welcome.

Guayakí co-founder, Alex Pryor, serves as the Director of FAI. After 25 years of focusing on the development, growth, and success of Guayakí, Alex is now shifting his focus to FAI to continue pursuing his work within the regenerative movement.

Learn more and join the journey on FAI’s Instagram and website.