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Fair Trade Premiums
Fair for Life premiums

As part of Fair for Life certification, Guayakí Sustainable Rainforest Products, Inc. pays Fair Trade premiums to yerba mate producers. These Fair Trade premiums are an additional sum of money over and above the fair trade prices. Producer communities can utilize these communal funds to invest in projects that will directly support their social, cultural, health, education, economic and environmental conditions. In 2021, an equivalent of $21,827 from Fair Trade premiums was invested in the communities of our yerba mate producers, harvesters, and processors.

As an example, in the Faxinal Saudade Santa Anita producer group, a rural school orchard and food garden with over 70 fruit trees and 11 irrigated vegetable beds was established using Fair Trade Premiums. More than 150 students, teachers and their families will benefit from the project, not only for food but also opportunities for environmental education and awareness.