Guayakí in 2021
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A message from our CEO
Stefan Kozak

Being open to life’s possibilities invites momentous things to happen. One such occurrence was getting a call from a dear friend who connected me with Alex, David, and Chris, the founders of Guayakí. They were seeking support to become the most regenerative beverage company in the world. I knew immediately it was the challenge I had been waiting for. In June 2021, amidst the company’s 25th Anniversary, I had the honor of joining Guayakí as CEO.

I quickly found Guayakí to be a model for purpose-driven companies with its unwavering dedication to sustainability and beyond that — regeneration. It’s a pioneering member of the B Corporation movement and holder of innumerable sustainability certifications. While I celebrate our past success, we all remain humbled by the challenges ahead as we do our part to create a world of prosperity for all living things.

With that spirit, we’re broadening our horizons to share the magic of yerba mate on a grander scale. An evolving leadership team, in close alignment with our board of directors, is charting a course to realize Guayakí’s vision of Market Driven Regeneration™ while expanding to meet rising demands. We have assessed all aspects of the company and identified opportunities to enhance our processes, systems, and structures.

Most importantly, Guayakí’s growth plan remains in lockstep with its three main impact targets (reviewed in this report) and the values that our founders started the company with. A major focus of our regenerative efforts continues to be our partnerships with Indigenous communities and smallholder producers to help protect the Atlantic Forest. That is one of many ways we are committed to improving the lives and communities of our over 500 employees in Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Chile, Canada, and the United States.

With 25 years of Guayakí history to reflect on, there is no doubt we will carry the great legacy of our founders into the future while cultivating fresh approaches and strategies. We are starting an exciting era of growth, which we embrace while holding ourselves accountable to our people and the planet.

In addition to building a viable business for our shareholders, we want to inspire our community (and those we have yet to connect with!) to be conscious of their impact. It is our hope that Guayakí, with its bright yellow brand, serves as a beacon of light in today’s world. We invite our longtime patrons and new stakeholders alike to join the regenerative movement and share a Guayakí with us to drive positive change.

On behalf of all of us at Guayakí, thank you for joining us on this journey.


Stefan Kozak