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Guayakí is a privately-owned Social Purpose Corporation, a proud B Corporation, and the parent company of ten wholly owned subsidiaries in the United States, Canada, Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. All entities are included in the consolidated financial statements.

Headquartered in Sebastopol, California, Guayakí operates 30 facilities in the United States and Canada to both serve its distribution business and provide office workspace. Guayakí owns and operates a green leaf processing facility in Turvo, Brazil and office workspace in Buenos Aires and Misiones in Argentina.

The Guayakí Yerba Mate brand offers loose leaf yerba mate as well as ready-to-drink yerba mate beverages in bottles (five flavors called tereré) and cans (11 flavors including sparkling and low-calorie). The majority of Guayakí’s revenue comes from sales of its ready-to-drink beverages in cans. Guayakí sources yerba mate and sugar, its two primary ingredients, from South America.

Nearly all of Guayakí’s packaging is sourced from the United States, and minor ingredients (juices, flavorings, herbs, etc.) are sourced nationally and globally. The majority of Guayakí’s co-manufacturing partners are in California, where they bottle or package Guayakí’s products. Guayakí self-distributes its products and works with 3rd party distributors, delivering to markets in the United States, Canada, and Chile.

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